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Posted 2018-05-21 by Suefollow
A new spin on laundry & dry cleaning-delivered to your doorstep!

With just 24 hours in a day, why spend time doing laundry or making endless trips to the dry cleaners?

[Link https://atl.2ulaundry.com/landing/momsgroup/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=communitypartner&utm_campaign=momsgroup ] provides a convenient and effortless solution to laundry, giving you more free time for the things that matter most in life.

Atlanta Moms Group members can get $10 off their first two orders when you use the promo code: MOMSGROUP.

  • FREE Pickup & Delivery: Laundry and dry cleaning are picked up from your doorstep and returned clean at no extra charge.

  • 1-Business Day Turnaround: Regardless of order size or cleaning preferences, laundry and dry cleaning are returned next business day.

  • Simple Pricing: [Link https://atl.2ulaundry.com/landing/momsgroup/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=communitypartner&utm_campaign=momsgroup ] make it simple and charge per bag, which means you can just fill it up and you will be charged one flat-rate! And for dry cleaning, you will be charged per item.

  • Customizable Preferences: always follow your exact specification to clean and care for your laundry & dry cleaning.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Their goal is perfection every time, so if you're not happy they promise to make it right.

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    " blew me away. Not only was every item returned and undamaged, but the items were grouped in 2 neat stacks and were in somewhat consistent stacks according to a family member. Socks were matched (I have been using them for months now, not 1 sock lost—how???) and each item was folded neater than any grandmother could fold it. I just carry the bag upstairs, place everyone’s clothes in their rooms and DONE! I don’t know how they do it, I felt like I was joining a high-end laundry country club but at a fraction of the price." - Jen O.

    " is extremely convenient. The turnaround time is amazing and pricing is very affordable. They text you when they have picked up and dropped off your dry cleaning or laundry and also send you a reminder the night before your scheduled date." - Erin D.

    "Cheaper than the cleaners around the corner and they come to you. The results are just as good and the scheduling process is super intuitive. A text reminder as well as a text with pickup and delivery. Great customer service with any questions as well. Highly recommend if you are short on time." - Anna C.

    For more information about and to get started, visit their [Link https://atl.2ulaundry.com/landing/momsgroup/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=communitypartner&utm_campaign=momsgroup website here].

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    [INTRO provides a convenient and effortless solution to laundry, giving you more free time for the things that matter most in life.]

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