Luna Ice Packs: Get a Discount On These Reusable Ice Packs for Busy Families

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Posted 2020-03-11 by Suefollow
Save time and money AND keep food colder and fresher. Plus, get 8% off your order!

Keeping lunch boxes cold and food fresh in the heat of summer is no easy job. Traditional ice blocks are bulky, can leak toxic materials or just don’t stay cold for long enough.

You won’t have any of these problems with Luna Ice Packs , the new, reusable ice packs that are FDA approved and are ideal for busy families.

Luna Ice Packs are made up of 10 lightweight sheets of 4x3 (12) high quality packs, so there are 120 cells in total, making them fully customizable and easy to mold around drinks and snacks or whatever you need to keep cold.

Get 8% off your order!

Whether it’s your kids’ or partner’s lunchboxes, baby milk, a beach picnic, fishing trip snacks, drinks to keep cold for a party or a large cooler filled with food, this is the easy way to keep food chilled and fresh.

Luna Ice Packs are perfect for busy moms and dads. It takes just 3 steps to get them ready to use:

1. Water for 1-2 minutes for the desired size
2. Place in the freezer
3. Wake up to solid, frozen ice packs!

No more coolers or lunch boxes full of melted, cold water! Luna Ice Packs lock in the water and don’t leak. They are long-lasting, easy to clean and fully reusable.

Got frozen food to send interstate? Luna Ice Packs are great for keeping food fresh, even if it needs to be sent in the mail!

And of course, every parent knows how handy ice packs are for injuries. You can even apply a Luna Ice Pack to an injury, or use to reduce back pain.

If you’ve tried the rest, now try the best. Luna Ice Packs are the easiest, most flexible way to keep your family’s food fresh and cool every day.

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For more information and reviews, check out the website .

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[INTRO Luna Ice Packs are the new, reusable ice packs that are FDA approved and are ideal for busy families.]

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